Heat Pump Repair & Diagnostics

Over time, wear and tear will catch up to any home system, including your heat pump. At Heat Pumps Maine, we offer comprehensive repair and diagnostic services to help get your heating and cooling system up and running again when you need it most. Our technicians are trained to service all makes and models and offer a one-stop solution for all your heat pump repair needs.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

When your heat pump breaks down, the team at Heat Pumps Maine can run a series of diagnostics to get to the source of the problem and help you find an honest, long-lasting solution. Common heat pump repairs we see include:

Odd Smells

Weird smells from your heat pump can mean a variety of issues. Musty smells usually indicate a problem with moisture and mold growth, while a burning smell can point to a dirty air filter or something more serious like an overheating unit or faulty wiring.

Strange Noises

If your heat pump is making a rattling noise every time it’s in operation, there are most likely loose parts within the system. It’s important to get these checked out by a professional, like Heat Pumps Maine, to fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

No Hot or Cold Air

When your heat pump isn’t blowing conditioned air through your vents or air handlers, the first step is to double-check your thermostat settings. If that doesn’t work, our team can check your ducts, outdoor unit, and other key components to get to the bottom of the issue.

Short Cycling

When your heat pump is constantly turning off and on, it’s referred to as short cycling. This causes your heat pump to overheat and can be due to a problem with your thermostat or even an improperly sized unit for your home.

Icy Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit for your heat pump is responsible for the heat exchange between your home and the outdoors, giving it a crucial role in its operation. If the outdoor unit is blocked or icy, any problems you’re experiencing will surely worsen.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant lines that connect your indoor and outdoor units are also an important part of how your heat pump functions. Leaks in a refrigerant line can cause several issues and overwork your heat pump, eventually causing a full breakdown.

Know When It’s Time For a Heat Pump Replacement

While a heat pump can last up to 15 years, there are several factors that can have an effect on its lifespan. These can include:

  • Recurring issues – Does one problem with your heat pump always seem to snowball into another, bigger issue? This could be a sign you’re ready for a heat pump replacement.
  • Problems with an older system – Your heat pump will lose some of its efficiency as it ages. But if you need frequent repairs on a system that’s over 10 years old, replacing it might be the most cost-effective solution.
  • Increased energy bills – An increase in your heating and cooling costs without an increase in your usage or electricity rates is always a cause for concern. This could mean that your heat pump is on its way out and should be inspected by a professional, like Heat Pumps Maine.
  • Costly repairs – Generally, if the cost of heat pump repair is half of the cost of a replacement or more, a new heat pump is worth it for the cost savings alone. You’ll also save the headache that comes with ongoing repairs on your system.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your heat pump, give our team a call. We can evaluate your heating and cooling system and help you decide if it’s best to repair or replace your heat pump. If a replacement is the best solution, we can find the right system for your Midcoast Maine home with our heat pump installation services.

Extend Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan With Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your heat pump running efficiently for years to come. In fact, many of the common issues we listed above can be avoided altogether with a professional tune-up from Heat Pumps Maine. Since your heat pump provides both heating and cooling and is generally used all year long, wear and tear can take its toll. By scheduling a maintenance call with our team, you’ll not only have a heat pump working at peak performance, but you’ll also be able to catch small issues before they turn into costly repairs.

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We’ve been providing fast, efficient, and honest heat pump services in Midcoast Maine and the neighboring islands since 2015. When it comes to finding a solution to your heat pump problems, big or small, our team is experienced and our trucks are fully stocked to get your system working efficiently again.

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