Heat Pump Relocation

You may think that your heat pump is permanently set in place at your Midcoast Maine home, but there are actually several reasons you may need to relocate it. Whether you’re renovating, the building codes in your area have changed, or you simply want to optimize its efficiency, Heat Pumps Maine can help with our heat pump relocation services! Our team is trained on the latest heat pump installation standards and can find the best new home for your heat pump on your property.

Reasons to Move Your Heat Pump

Your home isn’t exactly as it was when it was first built and there are a variety of reasons to consider relocating the indoor, outdoor, or both units of your heat pump to another area on your property, including:

Better Maintenance Access

If maintenance technicians don’t have easy access to your heat pump, it will be difficult for them to perform maintenance and repairs properly. Moving your heat pump to a new location on your property can help bring down labor costs and make it easier to keep away from branches and other debris.

You’ve Upgraded To a Larger Unit

If you’ve recently upgraded to a heat pump or are in need of a larger unit to meet your heating and cooling needs, you may find that your new system doesn’t fit in the same location as its predecessor. Heat Pumps Maine can find the best new location for your heat pump and ensure everything is working just the way it should.

Home Expansions

Making additions to your home, like a new deck or creating a larger living area, can mean that your heat pump is now in the way of renovations. Moving your heat pump allows your home to grow with your family.

Land Erosion

Sometimes moving a heat pump is a necessity when stormwater runoff makes the ground under the pad unstable. Soil erosion can cause damage to your heat pump and moving it to a safer location can keep your heating and cooling system protected.

Code Compliance

Many homes in Midcoast Maine are older and may no longer be in compliance with the local building codes. Moving your heat pump to a new location can save you from accumulating fees or running into issues if you decide to sell your home.

The Heat Pump Relocation Process

At Heat Pumps Maine, we take special care when moving a heat pump to a new location on your property. The process is a little different and more complex than a standard installation, but our team is adept in the necessary precautions in order to keep your unit safe. Here’s our process for heat pump relocation:

  1. Inspect your property to finalize the new heat pump location
  2. Drain the heat pump’s refrigerant
  3. Fully disconnect the heat pump from your home
  4. Store the heat pump in a dry place until it’s ready for reinstallation
  5. Make adjustments to any vents and pipework
  6. Install the heat pump in the new location and fill the refrigerant
  7. Test system connections and operation

Heat Pumps Maine: Your Midcoast Heat Pump Experts

We’ve installed over 700 heat pump systems in Damariscotta and the surrounding areas and islands. Whether you need maintenance, repair, installation, or relocation, Heat Pumps Maine is your one-stop shop for heat pump services! We work on all makes and models and are registered contractors with the Efficiency Maine heat pump rebate program, which means we can help you save up to $8,000 when you’re ready for an upgrade!

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