Heat Pump Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your heat pump operating at peak performance. At Heat Pumps Maine, we offer complete heat pump maintenance services and annual maintenance plans for all makes and models throughout Midcoast Maine and the surrounding islands. Get peace of mind with an efficient heating and cooling system all year round with our professional team of heat pump experts!

What’s Included in Our Maintenance Plans

At Heat Pumps Maine, we understand that every home and heat pump is unique. When our team comes out for a preventative tune-up, we will inspect your system to recommend a custom maintenance plan for you. Generally, we suggest 2 tune-ups a year for a heat pump system, one in the spring and a second in the fall, just as you would with a traditional furnace and air conditioner.

Our maintenance visits cover a wide range of services, including:

  • Test all heat pump controls along with startup and shutdown procedures
  • Electrical wiring, and connections
  • Check air filter, motors, and fans
  • Clean condenser and evap coils and drain line
  • Check safety panels and defrosting function
  • Test thermostat functionality
  • And more!

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Professional cleanings are important for any system within your home. This is especially true for a heat pump because it provides both heating and cooling and is in operation most of the year. Maintenance services from Heat Pumps Maine can also provide several benefits, such as:

Early Detection of Issues

Over time, parts of your heat pump will wear down, which is normal. However, if these components aren’t treated or cleaned properly in a timely manner, they can quickly turn into big problems that end in heat pump repairs. Regular tune-ups involve checking and testing each connection of your heat pump and a thorough cleaning of each of its components.

Optimal Efficiency

Small issues with your heat pump can have a big impact on its efficiency. Clogged air filters and refrigerant leaks will make your heat pump work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills. Heat pump maintenance will keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently so you can enjoy its energy-saving benefits.

Longer Heat Pump Lifespan

Most heat pumps can last up to 15 years, but without regular maintenance, that number can be much shorter. Preventative tune-ups will not only take the extra wear and tear off your heat pump but can make it last longer, too.

Greater Home Comfort

A poorly maintained heat pump will struggle to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. With regular maintenance, your heat pump will operate more efficiently, meaning you’ll have more consistent heating and cooling in your home.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Dust and other debris can build up in your heat pump’s coils and filters, which will eventually get distributed through your home. A thorough cleaning is part of our heat pump maintenance checklist so you can breathe easier with a clean heating and cooling system.

DIY Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

There are several things you can do in between tune-ups to help keep your heat pump in good shape, including:

  • Change your air filters – Air filters are crucial for keeping debris from circulating throughout your home. Most manufacturers recommend changing your heat pump air filter every 30-90 days.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of debris – Your heat pump’s outdoor unit is the workhorse of the system that transfers heat in or out of your home. If the outdoor unit’s airflow is blocked by branches, plants, or other debris, it will have an impact on your heat pump’s operation.
  • Open your vents – It’s important to keep your vents open to ensure an even distribution of hot and cold air throughout your home and avoid pressure build-up in your ducts that can lead to leaks.
  • Visually check your system – Every so often, give your heat pump a once over to check for leaks, cracks, rust, or any other issues. Make sure to call our team if you find any issues so we can solve the problem quickly!
  • Run the fan – If you aren’t planning to use your heat pump for a while—like when the temperatures are just right in the spring and fall—it’s important to turn on the fan function of your heat pump. This should be done for about 3 to 4 hours and helps to keep your system dry and prevents mildew and mold growth.

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance in Midcoast Maine

Our team of trained and experienced heat pump technicians can help keep your system running smoothly for years to come. With our comprehensive maintenance, repair, installation, and relocation services, Heat Pumps Maine is your one-stop shop for heat pump services in Damariscotta, Rockland, and the surrounding areas and islands.

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